The DRENCHED Bundle But First, Water Entire Collection Bundle ($73 Value)

$ 54.75

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The Drenched Bundle | The Entire Collection

$73 Value For $54.75


Origin: Jeju Island, South Korea

Each product is made with self-purifying mineral water filtered through volcanic bedrock 70 meters below the volcanic base, isolated from other substances. 

Rejuvenate and boost your skin’s moisture instantly with our entire But First, Water Collection for fresh, dewy #GlassSkin.


  1. But First, Water - Immersive Moisture Water Cream
  2. But First, Water - Replenishing Essence Serum
  3. But First, Water - Hydro-Lock Toner
  4. But First, Water - Ultra Plump Eye Cream
  5. But First, Water - Invigorating Water Cream